Amritakripa, Soul Whisperer, Chantreuse, Faerie Realism painter and Jeweler, born in Durham, UK, now lives in Joshua Tree on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert.  Amritakripa’s artistic expression reveals itself as a free flow of subconscious dream stuff. This naive childlike free flowing can only happen when one “Doesn't Know”  what one is doing or going to do, or even know how to do that, that one doesn’t know what one is doing or going to do.


Like Borges’  Book of Sand, the reader discovers the book has no beginning or end. If one turns the pages, more pages seem to grow out of the front and back covers.  So too with Amritakripas artworks, the experience does not end after one stops looking, but their story and their fragrance lingers and grows, enriching the mind and enticing it to return to the magical realms beyond words.  


Like a child absorbed in a fairy tale follows a path that no adult can see, Kripa follows the hues of colors as they flow from the paint brush tip like astral light from a magic wand.  It is a journey into the subconscious world of images where dreams are born and the soul goes to reflect.

In this video we see Amritakripa’s process set to music by the space rock band 3rd Ear Experience, in which she plays ambient synths. The painting begins with random swirls that remind one of the brush strokes in Japanese calligraphy. Those strokes often symbolize strength, elegance, the universe, and the void. Then the canvas turns into a blue field of all potential; forms arise, characters appear, then disappear, only to re-appear later. At the center, a vortex opens, swallowing up light like the black hole at the center of the galaxy. Alone on the event horizon, a monk abides in a zen-like stillness, unperturbed by the somewhat chaotic changes surrounding him, unmoved by the slow emergence of a mysterious woman.